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An EvolutionTiny home on wheels is a great solution to many building challenges we face these days. A Tiny home can be set up as a granny flat, holiday accommodation, Airbnb rental, studio, retreat space or even permanent living. Our Tiny homes are registered as a caravan/trailer and in most cases do not need council approval. (DA) Your Tiny home is a moveable and relocatable asset.

Tiny homes provide and promote low impact living thus creating a small environmental footprint. With lower set up and maintenance costs tiny homes are fast becoming a vital part of a growing and sustainable community.

If you have a large block or lovely acreage, Evolution tiny homes also provides opportunities for investors and small businesses by setting up a tiny home as an Airbnb rental or holiday accommodation. In the current rental market Tiny homes are also a great solution.

Our Tiny homes can be set up with a flushing or composting toilet system. Connecting a waste, solar and water system is a matter of plugging in. Our Tiny Homes are fitted with a 15A electrical plug for incoming power, a distribution board and accompanying electrical certificate. A gas hot water system and gas cooktop are accompanied with a gas certificate.

Evolution Tiny Homes are situated in the beautiful forest surrounds of Glenwood (between Maryborough and Gympie). In line with our environmental ethos our manufacturing facility operates off grid utilising renewable energy for all construction work.


Adress: Beckmanns Road, Glenwood, QLD, 4570

Phone: 0468 430230

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday - 9:00am to 4:00 pm

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